2017 Will Already Go Down As A Big Year In History

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Trump gets inaugurated as 45th US president. The UK activates Article 50 to leave the EU and by June the French Presidential Election and UK General Election will be decided.

Meanwhile, business continues relatively unaffected. Yes, the gold price is once again very strong and imports cost more than they used to but the world keeps on turning despite the political changes around us.

I looked at the old pledge ledger on my desk from my grandfather’s old business and the page I turn to is Monday 15th August 1938. On that day the business lent on a pocket watch and a gold signet ring – rare items in those days. The remainder of the loans were the usual socks, overalls and flannels.

What is more significant though is when you look up the year of 1938 in history and see the events that happened then, just as now…

• Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain meets German Chancellor Adolf Hitler in an attempt to negotiate an end to German expansionist policies

• Gas masks are first issued to the civilian population

• The Munich Agreement is signed with Germany determining to resolve all future disputes between the two countries through peaceful means.

• The ‘Beano’ comic first goes on sale

They say ‘Nothing is new under the sun’ and I know the service and products we offer will be as much in demand tomorrow, as they are today and were then.

If you want to visit a jeweller and pawnbroker you can really rely on, call into Brown and Gold at Seacroft, Shipley or Batley.

Generations of customers can’t be wrong!

Chris Brown

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