Airedale Cricket Club Receives Funding From Sport England Following Floods


Airedale Cricket Club, a family-based club in Riddlesden, has received an investment of £5,000 to help with damage caused by Storm Eva over the Christmas period.Keighley and Ilkley MP Kris Hopkins MP visited the club, which leases its land from the National Trust, and was shown the extent of the area which had been completely covered in water. The water rose to the top of the steps on Boxing Day, narrowly avoiding the clubhouse.
Kris met with Chairman Tim Crossley, Vice Chair Mathew Cox and President Trevor Cox to look at the area where the flooding had occurred and see the difference just a few months later.
The funding has been used to rebuild the score hut and to create gullies in an effort to help prevent further flooding. The management are planning to train their own staff and set an example for other clubs to use preventative measures in the future. The grant aid was received from Sport England’s Flood Relief Fund and help has also been given to Riddlesden and Ilkley Cricket Clubs.
Kris Hopkins said he was very impressed by what he saw.
He commented: “Airedale Cricket Club is in a beautiful setting close to East Riddlesden Hall, and it is unbelievable to see the difference between the Christmas period and now. Members have put in some incredibly hard work to ensure there is greater future awareness that steps must be taken to prevent such damage from happening again.”

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