April 2019

Antiques With Gary DonFeatures

Hello Gary,

Following your advert in the Yorkshire Reporter, could you give us some information about the attached item?

My mother in law bought this some years ago and is curious as to its value.


Mike Stanton-Smith

Dear Mike,

I can’t tell from your photo whether your little camel is made of bronze or brass. It does look similar to camels produced by Franz Bergman who worked in cold painted bronzes. If so, it could be worth around £200. If it is made of brass, it would sell for under £50. Please feel free to bring it down to our saleroom for us to have a proper look.

Dear Gary,

I would appreciate it if you could please have a look at the attached photo of some pottery and possibly give some idea of the value of the the items.

Thanks in advance, Paul

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your email.

Your cabinet contains a variety of teaware including Colclough, Royal Vale, Poole and modern Leeds ware. These items used to sell well, but have lost favour in recent years.

We regularly see these items in our auctions and they can sell for quite low values. It is probably worth saving them for the future.

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