APRIL 2022

Antiques With Gary DonFeatures

Dear Gary

I have followed your column in The Yorkshire Reporter and wondered if you could help me

I used to play in a band and have an Anniversary 1994  Gibson Les Paul guitar made in the USA.

I believe that these guitars are quite desirable now. Do you have any idea what it may be worth?

Thanks, Steve

Dear Steve, 

I am a musician myself and know this guitar well.

In 1994 Gibson released 12 Centennial model guitars, each limited to 100 pieces (1 for each of the 100 years). There was 1 guitar produced for each month of the year and finding a complete set is very rare.

The individual guitars now sell for between £2000 – £5000 each depending on the model. Recently an entire set of 12 guitars sold for £100,000!

Hi Gary,

I have a Clarice Cliffe prototype character jug which I am hoping is valuable 

Please can you advise?


Hi Mary,

Not good news I’m afraid.

Although the image is Clarice Cliff, the item is not made by her.

It is a reproduction Limited Edition design, one of many items produced by Kevin Francis Ceramics established in 1981.

All their products are hand decorated in Stoke on Trent. They may well turn out to be an investment in the future but in today’s market your jug would sell for under £100.

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