Artist’s Therapeutic Colouring Book In Memory Of Grandfather

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A young design student has published her own mindfulness colouring book for adults in memory of her grandfather.
Emma Kinnear, who is in her first year at the University of Leeds, spent many months helping to care for her grandfather before he died in June last year.
During this period she used art as a refuge, creating more than 50 drawings and sketches of wildlife and nature.
The School of Design student has now tapped into the current craze for colouring books aimed at grown-ups, publishing the drawings with the title ‘African Savannah.’
Emma, 20, said: “This book is very special to me as I began designing it last January when we found out my grandpa was sick, and it created an escape for me.
“He had a very aggressive type of lung cancer and it was impossible to do anything but help at home and be there to be cheerful and positive.
“These drawings were the one thing I had to keep me positive, so it means a huge amount to me that I’ve been able to publish them.
Emma is now studying textile design at Leeds. Her personal tutor is Dr Jane Scott, a Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Design.
She said: “Emma’s book was a perfect starting point for her textile design programme. It is inspiring to see how engaged and enterprising our students are.”
Emma added: “For me, mindfulness is about getting rid of the clutter in our lives and minds and learning to focus on the really important things that truly matter to us. The inspiration for my designs came from looking at nature and the world around me, and acknowledging how magical the animal kingdom is.
“My grandfather was a keen photographer, and it is from him that I learnt to love nature and look at things in a different way.  As I started to sketch, the people who saw my designs suggested they would be great to colour in, so I decided to look into the publishing process and managed to make them available via Amazon.”
Copies of the book are now selling fast with not only adults, but local schools and children’s groups also enjoying colouring the distinctive patterns.  Emma, who is originally from Chester, where her grandfather Brian Bailey was a Lord Mayor, is now working on a second collection, this time featuring Arabian-themed designs.
To buy the book, see;
or follow Emma on Instagram;
@emmakinnearart to see her next book in development.

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