Breaking Dog Laws Could Cost You Big Money!!!

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If your dog does not wear an identification tag you can be fined up to £5000.00

There are approximately 50 dog laws in Britain and Local Authorities have the right to enforce further rules and regulations. We are advising our readers of the most important laws for those of us who simply have a pet dog, of average temperament and training. Size and age are not important.


In the UK, your dog must wear a dog tag attached to a collar when in a public place. (Yes, anywhere outside your property). It is advisable not to have you dog’s name on the tag as dog thieves can use this by befriending your pet in order to sell it to some unsuspecting buyer. Examples of best tag formats are:

Mr T Jones
64, LS30 6UK
tel: 0143 662814

Mr T Jones,
64 Spring Road, LS30 6UK
tel: 0143 662814

Telephone numbers are not required by law but are strongly recommended as this is an easy way for police to contact you. The tag must have the current contact details. How many of us forget to do this when we move house? How, many of us also think that micro chipping solves the tag issue. Wrong! Micro chipping is important, but a dog tag is lawfully compulsory. Dog wardens also have the power to enforce the law. You can be fined up to £5,000 if you are not complying. The only exemptions to this law are:

• Guide dogs, registered with the Blind Association
• Dogs WHILE being used on emergency rescue work
• Dogs WHILE being used by a member of H.M. Armed Forces, H.M. Customs and Excise, or the Police.
• Dogs while tending or driving livestock
• Dogs while being used for the capture or destruction of vermin
• Dogs while being used for sporting purposes e.g. any pack of hounds
(There are other issues you need to look into if the above exemptions apply).


In Leeds, dogs are required to be on a lead when on paths, pavements, or, verges next to a road. This order was put in place in 2011 for the safety of people, their pets and road users. Dog Wardens can, and do, give fixed penalty notices to the owners and if disregarded, can result in a £1000.00 fine plus costs. It is also an offence to allow dogs into some play parks, cemeteries, sports courts etc. A number of exclusion zones were added to the order in early December 2013 and a list can be found at


Allowing your dog to foul anywhere outside of your own property is an offence. This order also means that offenders can be given a fixed penalty notice. If unpaid, you can be ordered to pay £1000.00 plus costs in court. We all understand the revulsion felt when finding, or stepping in, doggy poo. We take our children out for walks and play, so please ensure you take a clean up bag or a poopa scoopa with you at all times.

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