Cannon Hall Farm

Hello readers, welcome to my monthly review about places and toys with children in mind. Each month I pick something to entertain youngsters. 

I hope you are all enjoying the Halloween spirit as it gets closer to that spooky occasion. Last year I reviewed Stockeld Park’s Halloween Adventure which is running again see page 16. Last month I reviewed Yorkshire Wildlife park and this month I am reviewing another place for animal lovers, Cannon Hall Farm. If you missed any of my previous reviews you can join our website for just £3 and download all back issues.

Cannon Hall Farm is no ordinary farm, it is massive and full of extraordinary features. The prices vary throughout the seasons, starting at £4.95. The farm is open all year round apart from Christmas Day so you can go whenever you wish from 10:30am to 4:30pm. This family adventure is in Barnsley.

Play value

There is an enormous adventure playground at Cannon Hall Farm, which all ages will enjoy. It is full to bursting with unique apparatus. There are huge slides, swings and all sorts.

The playground is split into sections so you can take a ride down a tube which leads to another part of the playground. I love the adventure playground there and the biggest tube maze in Europe. You can spend endless time there exploring all the different bits. Also coming soon is an indoor playground to double the fun.


Of course the main part is the actual farm. The farm is split into different barns which contain different farm animals to see including the rare breeds barn and the pig barn. As well as the animals you would expect to find at a farm, they also have donkeys, alpacas, and even reindeer! There is a farm animal for everyone at Cannon Hall Farm. There are also cute rabbits and guinea pigs that they get out for you to stroke in the petting area. My favourite bit is the Roundhouse where you go up steps, high in the middle of a circle and look down and around at all the different animals.


Throughout the day there are many different things going on including sheep/ferret racing and opportunities to feed the animals down shoots. There is a milking demonstration too where you see a cow being milked and a farmer tells you loads of facts. When I was there they were milking a cow called Martha. The farmer told us that they milk the cows twice a day and they get around 30-35 litres of milk each day just from Martha!

Café and Shops

After you have been in the farm and playground there is a gift shop, a café selling all sorts of yummy food from snacks to full meals, and a farm shop and delicatessen where you can buy food to take home.


Overall I think Cannon Hall Farm is a really good place to go for all ages from babies to teenagers and I certainly recommend it!

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