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‘When the family decided to adopt a puppy, the lonely, disabled one stared at me until I fell in love. Fortunately, Mum let me choose him in spite of his problems.

Charlie Jack (named from my grandad and the vet) moved in with us and Grandad made him a ‘wheelchair’ to help him get around like other dogs. Mum told me I was in charge of his care but I soon learned that Charlie Jack had other plans; he wanted to be in charge of mine!

Charlie Jack proved a wonderful companion and we made a great team, having lots of adventures together. He even made friends with the rabbits in our garden and played with the birds there, in between keeping an eye on me and being my best friend.’

This is a charming story of friendship between child and dog which will appeal to animal lovers everywhere.

David Stringer was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire in 1948, where he still resides. He is from a working-class background, and is fast approaching 70. After working for 50 years in engineering, and showing no signs of slowing down, he has decided to pursue his love of story writing and drawing, believing that you’re never too old to chase your dreams. He has five grown-up children, two girls and three boys, and eleven grandchildren. In 2015 David decided to prepare for his retirement years and concentrate more on writing and illustrating books for children. He has created these fictional characters that will, hopefully, capture the imagination of young children.

‘Charlie Jack’ is available now;

www.amazon.co.uk and www.olympiapublishers.com

Published by Olympia Publishers, priced £7.99 -Paperback 

The Yorkshire Reporter has a copy of the book to giveaway, to enter go to the competition page

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