Disabled Artist Sells Prints For PhysCap


Kathryn Tebbs despite having severe mental and physical disabilities has produced a fantastic piece of art which will now help to raise money for the charity PhysCap.

Here, her mother Maureen Tebbs tells us her incredible story:

“Kathryn was born at home on the 6th June 1959. She was 4 weeks early weighing just 4lb. The midwife had to resuscitate her, she was very distressed. It quickly became evident that she had problems and we were warned that her life expectancy was short. If she reached 21 it would be a miracle. The likelihood of her walking, talking or knowing who we were, was minimal. Such was the standard of maternity care in 1959. She had the usual childhood ailments.

She had a nasty fall whilst with a carer in March 2012 and subsequently suffered a massive heart attack in April, which caused severe, irreparable, inoperable damage. She arrested twice, but thanks to the magnificent care received at Harrogate ITU, she thankfully, survived. We must now, even more than previously, take life one day at a time.

She has been encouraged to lead her life to fullest extent of her capabilities. Enjoying family holidays and activities in the UK and abroad. School outings and holidays. Before her heart attack in April 2012, she loved swimming and horse riding, she was not impressed with skiing, however she liked the attention of the one to one instructor at the Harrogate Uphill Ski Club. She enjoys socialising, dining out, and of course shopping. Having a fantastic sense of humour she quickly makes friends. She is able to make herself understood in any language. She likes to look good, visiting the hairdresser each week, choosing what she wants to wear, how she wants to look. She has a strong personality and a sense of her own worth.

She attended the day centre at Wetherby, where Janet Porter, one of the staff, ran a fantastic art workshop. She encouraged and developed Kathryn’s enjoyment and capabilities in this sphere. During this time Kathryn’s art work was included in several exhibitions. Unfortunately, Janet left and the art classes and workshops were discontinued.
Happily, we were later fortunate enough to find another Janet. A one to one carer who nurtured Kathryn’s creative side, finding art workshops and classes wherever they were held. She took her to flower arranging classes, making containers for the displays, baking and cookery courses. It was at one of these workshops where, aged 52, Kathryn painted a beautiful picture that has since been named ‘Ma Vie Remarquable’ – My Remarkable Life.

Sadly, the heart problems have left Kathryn too traumatised to continue attending the classes and workshops. She has no desire to be involved with anything. She is unable to swim, to go horse riding, to fly for holidays. She continues to be a treasured, precious member of a loving, committed family and group of supportive friends, still living her life to the fullest extent of her capabilities.”

In 2014, Maureen and Peter were introduced to PhysCap, and they gave the children’s charity their blessing to have Kathryn’s work reproduced as a limited edition print. Only 150 have been made in this way, so you can now be a part of this remarkable story too.

All profits made from the sale of the prints will go directly to PhysCap, who in turn will remain in a position to grant funding to families with children that have severe disabilities, plus schools and respite centres too.
Contributions will be every bit as special as Kathryn’s remarkable life.

For a limited time, this framed print priced at £149 is available to buy from Headrow Gallery, Harrogate Road, Leeds LS17 8DP.




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