Fairburn Ings

Hi everybody, welcome to my monthly article and I wish you all a Happy New Year too! Each month I review a different place to go with your children so that you have somewhere that you are sure to find great. This month I am reviewing somewhere that definitely won’t let you down and wildlife lovers will really like! It’s Fairburn Ings.

Fairburn Ings is a nature reserve near Castleford run by the RSPB. It’s free to go and you will have an excellent time. It’s a great place to spot different birds. For example I saw a Robin and a Blue Tit. This is a good place if you like walking as well, as there are different trails and paths to walk on.

Bird spotting 

As I mentioned before Fairburn Ings is a great place to spot different birds. A really good bit is all the way around at certain points there are big boards with holes in that you can look through to quietly spot birds. They have bird feeders set up behind the hides to encourage them to come closer. This is a good addition to this nature reserve as it gives you another way to spot birds.

Play area

There is also a play area there so kids can enjoy themselves. The park includes things such as giant animal sculptures to climb on, and willow tunnels. The play area is also going to be expanded soon for more enjoyment. In it is a ‘bug hotel’ as well so you can see if you can spot any bugs.

Duck feeding

Another part of it is duck feeding. As you walk around you will see various ducks at the pond dipping area and the duck and swan feeding platform so why not buy some duck food for £1.00 to give to the ducks. I did this and found it very enjoyable and fun to see all the ducks eating their food.

Overall I think Fairburn Ings is a very good place to go. There is also a cafe and a gift shop for those who want to relax or buy something to remember the memories made after their walk in the fresh air. They have different activities going on throughout the year and are open all the time. I recommend this nature reserve to anyone – young or old you can have a great time here! 


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