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Inflation seems to be the buzz word of 2022. It’s all we hear about with fuel and electricity prices driving the curve and we seem to have no choice but to pay the price!

There are some choices you can make though that could give you an inflation proof investment you can enjoy as well as own.

Now is the time to invest in Rolex’s, gold and pre-owned Diamonds!

They may seem like luxury items but all three of these are seeing consistent world price rises this year – more so than ever and there is no better value in the gold and diamond market than pre-owned. 

Gold and Rolex watches have stood the test of time for as long as I have can remember. Back in December 2014, I wrote in one of the first editions of the Yorkshire Reporter and advised that Rolex watches were a good place to invest your money. I wish I had just filled my safe with them at the time because we were selling a stainless steel Rolex Daytona for just £7500 -second hand in immaculate condition with box and papers. The exact same watch today now sells for £30,000!

The same has been true across most of the sports Rolex models and it spirals out of control when Rolex decide to discontinue a model. The Submariner Hulk with the green bezel and face was discontinued in 2020. At the time it had a UK list price of just £7550. We have two in stock at time of writing and the newer of the two with box and papers is currently selling at £26,950. What’s even more shocking is that you could have bought it for less than £18,500 three months ago! I bet the gentleman from London who bought it from our website before Christmas for that price and then returned it after he changed his mind might regret that decision.

Here Are 5 Facts You May Not Know About This Amazing Brand:

Rolex was started in London not Switzerland – the company moved to Switzerland after the 1st World war as it was a good tax haven compared to the recovering post war Britain.

Rolex is a charity and not individually owned. They are owned by the Hans Wildorf Foundation and use their profits to fund the largest scholarship foundation in Europe.

The name ROLEX was dreamt up by the owners in London while riding on a bus. Davis wanted a 5-letter word that sounded expensive, could be pronounced in any language and looked good on the face of a watch!

Rolex invented the first waterproof wristwatch in 1926 with its screw down case back and rubber sealed crown. They gave one to be tested by Mercedes Gleitze who attempted to swim the channel in 1927, Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953 for his ascent up Mount Everest and attached one to a US sub which dove in the Mariana Trench -the deepest part of the South Pacific ocean – none of them lost a second.

Every Rolex is hand made and can take upto a year to make and test. No wonder the demand outstrips the supply.

What To Own A Rolex? 

Even if you just store it in your safe, it is a sound investment that you can wear and enjoy and still potentially sell in a few years time for more than you paid for it. The waiting time for a new watch is currently 24 months and even then the list is so long with most Rolex dealerships that it is unlikely you will ever make the top of it.

A pre-owned Rolex from Christopher Brown Jewellers carries a 2 year warranty, is fully refurbished and most importantly comes with the comfort that you are buying from a trusted retailer who can guarantee the authenticity of every watch.

Christopher Brown Jewellers in York, Seacroft, Shipley and Pontefract all carry an extensive stock of pre-owned Rolex and other luxury watches. We also have branches in Batley, Stockport, Prescot and Toxteth.

Visit our website to see the ever changing list of what we have in stock.

Raising Funds……..

If you are looking to raise some much needed funds or need a temporary loan why not bring your Rolex in for an instant assessment and you could be surprised what your timepiece will fetch.

With increasing inflation pressures on us all over the coming year you may wish to use it for a temporary loan. We will lend money against your watch (or gold and diamonds), and you can collect it back anytime within seven months or even extend the loan until you are ready to collect it. With a pawnbroking loan, you remain the owner of your goods and we simply hold it as security while the loan is in place. For further details visit one of our branches or our visit our pawnbroking website and walk away with cash today in minutes!

If you are looking for some inflation busting bargains, visit Christopher Brown Jewellers in York, Seacroft, Shipley, Pontefract or Stockport or Brown and Gold in Batley, Prescot and Toxteth and see what bargains you can find to stop inflation eating your savings. 

Chris Brown

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