German Shorthaired Pointer’s Mollie and Fly

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Our star’s this month are German Shorthaired Pointer’s Mollie and Fly.

COAT: Short and flat with a thick undercoat for protection, the German Short-Haired Pointer varies in colours and markings, between solid colours of liver or black, or mixed markings of black and white or liver and white. Quite unusual, the variations are vast, depending on each country’s standards. However, the colour that appeals to you when choosing your puppy can in fact change somewhat as it becomes an adult.

HEIGHT: Standards for this breed are…… 21” – 23” for bitches and 23” – 25” for dogs.

WEIGHT: The suggested weights of 45 lbs – 60 lbs for Bitches and 55 lbs – 70 lbs, for Dogs may well change re height review.

LIFESPAN: Approximately 10 yrs +

TEMPERAMENT: A sleek, robust, very impressive dog with huge energy . The GSP is a hunting / gun dog and has a natural urge to hunt and retrieve. Naturally boisterous, they may not be suitable for very young children but are known as wonderful family pets.They love people / children, great companions! Although they do often live in a kennel / kennels, they really are the most happy within the house. as part of the family. They are comical, amusing, charming and even eccentric in the best ways possible.Small house-pets are not a good idea for any hunting dog. Training and socialising is intensely important and the rewards will be great. This breed needs a “ minimum “ of 2 hrs good exercise every day.


HEALTH: Generally tough and healthy, but can have health problems as do most breeds. As with any hunting dog, contact with game can cause problems, infecting open wounds and scratches, simply because of scraping alongside hedges and plants when in their hunting mode.

HISTORY: The origins are vague and although there are many speculations on the development of the German Short-haired Pointer, the first accounting was not devised until 1870 and consequently it is not possible to determine all of the dogs that went into the creation of this breed.

Viewpoint by Mollie & Fly’s owner,

Craig Allen.

The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) is an athletic, streamlined, medium-sized dog breed in the Sporting Group. This hard working and noble hunter is highly intelligent, extremely friendly and eager to please. The GSP has historically been a versatile hunter and gun dog, but the breed also makes an excellent companion.

We have two German Shorthaired Pointers The first one is named Mollie the second named Fly. Mollie loves water so much we have to keep the bathroom door shut while filling the bath or she will jump in and dig furiously at the drain while splashing water everywhere. Our second Fly is totally bonkers too, he runs and runs chasing anything that moves. He is the best dog ever — loves to hunt and swim everything is a source of amusement and entertainment,he can outrun any dog yet never tires. he is amazing at knowing when someone is sick, depressed or just needs a cuddle because he will seek them out and cuddle all day with them. He is an enthusiastic greeter of people and loves visitors but at the same time a very loud and intimidating watch dog. He goes willngly into his kennel at night but sometimes tries to play invisible when he has found a willing cuddler.

Both are the most sweetnatured loving dogs you could hope for,and give back twice as much love as they get.
German Shorthaired Pointers are the cutest puppies ever and then grow into a very handsome, noble looking dogs. They love everyone and everyone loves them. Great family dog.

But beware if you can not give the attention and exersise they need then look for a different type of breed..
Next month’s breed is the German Shepherd. Is your pet a prime example of the breed or maybe just an aspiring model? If you would like your dog to be the star of next month’s column please email a photo of your German Shepherd along with your viewpoint as an owner to: or write to Yorkshire Reporter PO Box 352 Leeds LS14 9FU.

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