Great New Music To Help With Social Isolation

As we experience the madness that COVID-19 is having on the music industry with shows and tours being postponed now seems an opportunity to bring to your attention some great new music that is due during the next month or so.

MILK TEETH ‘Self-titled’

Milk Teeth (the album) finds Becky and Milk Teeth (the band) learning, growing and showing the world what they’ve got to offer, but it’s not the only way they’re helping others to understand and deal with their travails. The band continues to work with a number of groups and causes, including raising money for Solidarity Not Silence, helping women defend themselves against a claim of defamation made against them by a well-known musician, and Beat, the UK’s leading charity supporting those affected by eating disorders.

MYSTERY JETS ‘A Billion Heartbeats’

Following the album’s postponement last September due to lead singer Blaine Harrison’s ill health, April finally sees its overdue release. ‘A Billion Heartbeats’ as an album achieves a balance of passion, fear and hope. Amid the colourful cavalcade of rich harmonies, heavy guitars and rallying cries, the album’s essential message – about personal responsibility, and the power in becoming engaged. In a sense, it’s not just their “state of the nation” record but their “state of a generation” record too.


Bury Tomorrow‘s 2018 album Black Flame catapulted them into metal’s upper echelons. It was the band’s third consecutive UK Top 40 album – quite the feat for a heavy band – and took them on a tour which culminated with a huge show at London’s iconic Roundhouse. But with follow-up Cannibal, the band have taken another leap forward.  Already, the South Coast quintet are responsible for some of metalcore’s most rousing anthems, and Cannibal is stacked with more glorious vocal hooks, razor-sharp riffs and sublime melodies that will solidify their seat at UK metal’s top table.

LADY GAGA ‘Chromatica’

Lady Gaga announces that her highly anticipated sixth studio album Chromatica will be released on April 10th via Interscope Records. The album is executive produced by BloodPop® and Lady Gaga. The album comes on the heels of the release of the high-energy pop smash “Stupid Love,” which debuted at #1 on iTunes in 58 countries.

ENTER SHIKARI ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’

‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’ is produced to dazzling effect by renowned frontman and visionary Rou Reynolds, from a band at the peak of their creative output with a unique story, underlining their 13-year succession as a pioneering and uncompromising musical force. This is an album about possibility, the unnerving irony of endless possibility, the band asking themselves what they can achieve as the world questions “what is possible?”.

And finally, a new star is on the horizon. Emerging alt-pop Brisbane artist HALLIE releases a new sand beguiling song. ‘Sympathy’ was produced by Oscar Dawson whom she met whilst on tour with his band, Holy Holy in 2019. Hallie told me about her new single, “Sympathy’ is a song I wrote after feeling really angry about letting myself fall into a brief trap of gossip and judgment in conversation. I just really didn’t want to be that dickhead and I needed to put myself in my place to make sure I didn’t get caught up again. I hope ‘Sympathy’ is the refresher listeners need, so they rethink how they want to be spending their energy!”

From a young age Hallie has never feared vulnerability in front of an audience. In fact, that is where the 20 year-old pop-rock artist thrives. Hallie’s innate aptitude to humorously comment on ordinary society, and express her own playfully honest and relatable stories, demonstrates self-awareness beyond her years. Her quirky lyrical content pairs delightfully with the provocative and stimulating nature of her entertaining live performance. Her sound consists of an extensive musical vocabulary with influence from a range of genres.  From Joni Mitchell to Ball Park Music, from Stella Donnelly to Paramore, Hallie’s sound has been shaped by an assortment of unique musicians. From her indie folk roots Hallie has built a distinctive pop-rock sound with the occasional jazz lick. Each song of hers reveals the layers of her artistic maturity, her idiosyncrasy as the foundation.

Also for those in isolation check out spotify for some great free music

And here is a rock playlist of mine i have put together

Stay safe everybody!

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