Help for when it’s more than just Winter blues


A new audio CD has been developed by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust to help clients on its Stress Control course to improve their health between course sessions.

The CD will form part of the Stress Control course, run by the Primary Care Mental Health Service, and will empower the client to be able to improve their health and wellbeing on a daily basis.

Clients attending the course suffer from mild to moderate mental health problems and the CD forms part of the homework aimed at maximising benefits in-between sessions.

The Stress Control course offers six stress control evening classes to help people in Leeds. The 45-minute long CD offers relaxation exercises building on the knowledge and techniques learned on the course to deal with stress.
Stress affects people from all walks of life and some common symptoms include:

■ Sleeping problems
■ Negative or depressive feeling
■ Worrying or over thinking
■ Loss of appetite
■ Difficulty concentrating

To make the course accessible to as many people as possible, the sessions are held in the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Tiger 11 in Beeston and Tenants Hall in Middleton rather than health centres.

Laurence Gregory, clinical team manager, said: “The CD was developed by our own therapists and is a great tool for clients to complement the excellent work the course does in improving people’s health and wellbeing. The darker, colder nights and the comedown from Christmas and New Year can have a real effect on people and the course is just one of the ways in which the Primary Care Mental Health Service can help people to tackle their problems and overcome their mental health problems.”

People can access the Primary Care Mental Health Service by visiting their GP or any another health professional involved in their care. Alternatively, people can refer themselves by contacting us on 0113 843 4388.

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