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Gold prices have been at record highs on and off over the last 2 years with the Covid crisis. Now as the world recoils to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this horrible war brings more economic uncertainty to all and rising prices as a result.

However, it’s not just the oil and gas prices that have increased. Gold has hit near record highs and diamonds have increased over 20% since last year. Gold has always been the fall-back position at times of economic uncertainty and there is no surprise to see the yellow metal being bought and sold in volume as the markets fluctuate and people want to put their cash into a safe haven.

Diamonds However Are A Different Story Altogether……

Did you know that Russia produces 30% of the world’s diamonds?

They mined 19 million carats of diamonds in 2020 followed only by Australia who mined 40% less at 12 million.

Russia’s natural diamond reserves were estimated to approximately 650 million carats in 2020 and are the largest reserves in the world at almost double of Botswana who hold 350 million carats. 

Only 20% of all production make it to the status of valuable polished gemstones though as almost half of the world’s mined diamonds are used for industrial purposes as ‘rough’ diamonds. Industrial diamonds are used in cutting, drilling, grinding, and polishing and are critical to a lot of engineering processes due to their inherent strength.

Therefore if you own some fine diamond jewellery, set in gold, your asset has just dramatically increased in value!

The result of this is two fold: 

Firstly, now is a fantastic time to sell your unwanted gold and diamond jewellery as the price is strong and supplier’s stocks are low. 

Secondly, it is an equally good time to buy pre-owned gold and diamond jewellery as it represents amazing value against any ‘new’ stock that will be subjected to the higher market prices.

Pre-owned jewellery is a bargain right now and we expect to have an increasing flow of new customers looking for that special piece as prices usually remain unchanged in our windows until the items eventually sell. You can expect to pay over double the price of pre-owned jewellery for the new equivalent piece so don’t miss the opportunity to get shopping and find those bargains while stocks last!

Pawnbroking Loans…….

As inflation creeps up and bills need paying, why leave your gold or diamond jewellery sat in a box when they could be helping you with your cash-flow instead?

Recycling is a regular part of our everyday culture and interestingly people are beginning to apply the practise to their jewellery.

Gold-cycling has become the theme of recent years and while some customers have used their items for loans, not wanting to part with their goods, others have sold their jewellery and watches outright and used the money for holidays, to pay off bills or simply to buy some new jewellery. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much you can get and if you use our pawnbroking service, you remain the owner of the goods and you can simply collect your jewellery or watches when you repay your loan and interest, which can be at any point during the term of the contract.

Christopher Brown Jewellers have branches at 22 High Ousegate York, Seacroft, Shipley, Pontefract and Stockport, We also have Brown and Gold stores at Batley, Prescot and Toxteth. 

Call into your nearest store to discuss a loan, value your gold or view our fantastic collection or pre-owned gold, diamonds and luxury watches. Now is the time to goldcycle so call in now and make your jewellery work for you!

To find out more, visit our website to browse our latest lines or if you want to hunt out the real bargains visit our stores directly and find that special piece before its too late.  

Chris Brown

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