January 2018

Antiques With Gary DonFeatures

Dear Gary,

I have an old jug that belonged to my Grandmother. Could it be worth anything?


Dear Kathleen, thank you for your email.

Your jug is a copy of a Clarice Cliff design jug. In today’s market it would sell between £15 – £20. However it is worth holding onto for the future, as hopefully its value will rise.

Hi Gary,

I have an old brass plaque in the shape of Stephensons Rocket and wondered if it would sell for anything.

Dear Mary,

Many many models have been made in the iconic image of Stephensons rocket engine over the years. I have lost count of the type of materials used to produce them – gold, silver, metal, wood, plastic etc. Your brass example would probably only sell between £20 – 30.

Dear Gary,

Wondered if this watch had any value. It still works but is in stainless steel not silver or gold which I know will make it worth less if anything at all

Dear John,

This watch is very collectable.

It looks to be a vintage RAF military issue watch in stainless steel made by The International Watch Company. We have recently seen a similar watch sell at auction for £3300!

I hope that has made your New Year a very happy one!

Dear Gary,

I have acquired this old Dunhill lighter which I thought was really unusual.

Have you ever seen one like this before and what would it be worth?

Many thanks, Tony

Dear Tony,

When I first looked at this photo, I knew immediately it was part of a series of Aquarium lighters produced by Dunhill. These lighters are very collectable and many sell for hundreds of pounds. Yours is one of the best examples I have seen, and unusual to have two fish on it. It would be very desirable to collectors and I would put an estimate of £3000 – 3500 on it.

What a fantastic item to own!

Hello Gary,

My husband bought me these novelty salt and pepper pots in a charity shop. I really like them, but don’t want to use them if they are worth a lot. What do you think?

Regards, Janet

Dear Kathleen,

Your salt and pepper pots are known as the grumpy traffic wardens! We have come across many similar sets and it is possible to buy them now on the internet for £13.95 a set. But what fun to use them and create a talking point at any dinner party!

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