JULY 2017

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Summer holidays are here and our Foreign Exchange department have been rushed off their feet selling Euros and Dollars for those lucky enough to be going abroad.

We have also had a lot of customers exchanging unwanted gold for Euros and others pawning their jewellery to get a bit of extra holiday spending money and to put their jewellery in for ‘safe storage’ while they are away.

It’s a pretty clever plan when you think about it. They get some cash to get the best deals on their holiday or a few hundred pounds towards their spending and they have the peace of mind that their treasured possessions will be kept safely locked in our vaults while they lie on the beach and enjoy!

The other area of growth this month is ‘Wedding Lending’. Lots of couples tie the knot in the summer months and borrowing a bit of extra cash can make all the difference to having a day to remember. It’s usually the mother of the bride who wants a loan to make things a little more special because the dad has been too tight and refuses to spend any more! Every loan is completely confidential so he never finds out until she sends him in with the ticket to collect the goods 7 months later!


Our pre-owned luxury watch business continues to fly – more and more people are trading in old for new or deciding the time is right to own one of these prestigious timepieces.

Rolex themselves have a waiting list and there are not many investments keeping ahead of inflation at present but here is one area that continues to buck the trend.

All our luxury watches come with a 2 year guarantee and have a full service and refurbishment before they go for retail. Call into Seacroft, Shipley or Batley to find out more.


Finally, with Wimbledon in full swing why not treat yourself to a tennis bracelet – we have all sizes of diamond bracelet to fit all budgets. I can’t think of a better way of looking good on the beach that with a Rolex on one wrist and a diamond bracelet on the other!

Perhaps Mrs Murray might pop in if Andy wins again this year!

So if you choose to spend your money on a holiday and want some cash or just want to keep your jewellery secure while you are away, call in to Seacroft, Batley or Shipley and let us help.

Chris Brown

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