JULY 2022

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Dear Gary, 

We have inherited this machine and we are not sure what it is or if it has any value. 

Any advice?



Dear Jean,

The machine you have is called a barograph. Basically it is a barometer that records the information on a clockwork drum and they were usually encased in a glass box.

These were very popular from mid Victorian times. This type of model can sell between £250-400 subject to its condition.

Hi Gary,

I have a near complete set – 47 of the 48 titles of the Bancroft Tiddler vintage small books series from the mid 60’s. They include both the rare titles Giants of Sport 1 and 2, which you may know command very high prices on their own, both here and especially in the United States.   

Condition of all books is uniformly excellent or better.    

Hello and thank you for your email.

Bancroft Tiddlers was a series of pocket-size books published in the 1960s, spanning over 40-plus separate titles and covering a wide range of subjects.

Some interesting artists who worked on the series were Walt Howarth, the artist for the Doctor Who comics, JN Davies who drew strips for TV21 comic and Desmond Walduck who is famous as the Eagles Comics artist.

I have seen people asking £500 online for the complete set including Giants of Sports 1 and 2, but the highest price I have found for the set actually sold at auction was £200.

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