Leeds residents encouraged to take part in 8for8 to show solidarity with those peacefully protesting against racism and prejudice

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People across Leeds are encouraged to stand in solidarity with those peacefully protesting against racism and all other forms of prejudice by taking part in 8for8 on Monday evening.

The 8for8 initiative asks residents to perform one of the following gestures for eight minutes at 8pm on Monday evening (8 June):

  • The Namaste greeting outside of the home, which is a gesture denoting healing, peace, prayer and a divine spark within each human being.
  • Kneeling outside of the home.
  • Any other form of activity within the home which is considered peaceful.

Members of the public are also encouraged to wear something purple on the day to help honour the colour of solidarity with this cause.

Leeds City Council will be lighting up civic buildings in purple over the weekend and on Monday to show the city’s solidarity with the family of George Floyd and with all those who are struggling against racism and prejudice.

Joint statement on behalf of the leader of Leeds City Council, Councillor Judith Blake and the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Eileen Taylor:

“We want everyone to know that Leeds is a diverse city that celebrates every single one of its residents and is extremely proud of the wide range of cultures that call this city home. That is why we urge the people of Leeds to take part in 8for8 on Monday evening to underline the city’s solidarity with those fighting against racism and all other forms of prejudice.

“We believe that activities like this are vital for sending out the message to our communities and around the world that the city and people of Leeds will not stand idly by when these types of injustices happen.”

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