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Luxe Skin Clinic offers lasting solutions to a wide range of cosmetic skin blemishes and hair removal using the latest techniques, enabling you to live your life full of confidence.

As a fully qualified Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner, trained by Sterex International Ltd, Claire Rhodes can treat unsightly, cosmetic skin imperfections, no longer routinely treated on the NHS in a quick and hassle-free way with no stitches, scars or overnight hospital stays. The clinic is based on the 1st floor of the Holiday Inn, Garforth offering a relaxed, friendly and private environment in which to receive treatment.

Here are just some of the treatments available at Luxe Skin Clinic;


Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal that is legally recognised. Treating each hair follicle with a fine sterile probe, it destroys the follicle’s ability to reproduce hair, therefore destroying regrowth upon completion of treatment. Virtually any area of the body can be treated with electrolysis.


Advanced electrolysis methods successfully treat many skin imperfections such as;

• Thread veins

• Cherry spots

• Skin tags

• Milia

• Spider Naevi

• Warts & Verrucas

• Moles (GP permission is required)

• Age spots

• Sebaceous cysts 

• Plus many more.

*Coming soon – Laser and skin rejuvenation! *

Claire offers a free 30 minute no obligation consultation where you can discuss your requirements and receive advice on the best course of treatment and expected outcome. Should you wish to go ahead with treatment, it can often be offered on the same day. Also included in any treatment package is a free follow up appointment 4 weeks following treatment, before and after photos and any topical creams required. 

Prices start from £70 but Luxe Skin Clinic is offering a 15% discount on appointments booked before the end of October.

Contact Claire to see how she can help you!

Luxe Skin Clinic

Holiday Inn Leeds – Garforth, First floor

Wakefield Road, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1LH

Tel: 0113 8715922


Facebook: Luxe Skin Clinic @LuxeGarforth

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