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It’s a well-known fact that the best presents come in small packages. While fashion trends will come and go, we often attach precious memories to jewellery, which is what makes it such a special gift to give and receive.

However, knowing what to buy someone, whether it is your partner or a good friend, can very difficult. 

There are a lot points to consider when it comes to buying a piece of jewellery for someone but many of them can be resolved with a little observation, a bit of detective work and the help of a professional jeweller!

To start with you will need to decide what piece of jewellery to buy him or her. Does she like to wear a lot of rings, are her ears pierced, or does she often wear a bracelet or necklace? Jewellery often completes an outfit and is there to treasure for ever. When buying your gift you should remember that many people have a preference for white gold, platinum or silver while others prefer yellow gold and therefore the jewellery you buy will need to reflect this.

If you are not too sure what they usually wear then see if they have a social media account and use this as a visual guide to what they like. If they don’t follow social media then a good old fashioned rummage in their jewellery draw will usually give you enough clues to go on. 

Jewellery is a very emotional and meaningful present. It shows people that you really care and because the cost of the precious metal and gemstones makes it expensive, it is treasured for many years to come.

Let’s face it; we have all had a very difficult last 18 months. Whether it’s been coping with the lockdowns, working flat out as a key worker or the stress of just not knowing what’s coming next, we all need a treat once in a while. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we really do not know what’s around the corner and we have to make the most of what we can, when we can. So this is the right time to treat yourself and others to that special gift and make this Christmas really special.

So, now you’ve got an idea of what type of jewellery piece you want to buy and what colour, it’s time to look at the options…..


A necklace is a perfect gift and will be most welcomed by males and females alike. There are many different types including curb, belcher, figaro and fancy. It could be heavy or light and ornate or plain. They are not just used to hang a pendant and can be beautiful and stunning as a statement just on their own. You will need to consider the length of the chain also – is it to be used for hanging a pendant off in which case a 16 inch or 18 inch will usually be right or does the person you are buying for like a long necklace or have a larger neck and might need a 20 or 22 inch chain or longer? It’s worth noting that the standard necklace chain length is 18 inches.

If you want to choose something more personal, look up her birthday to find out what coloured gem goes with that month or buy her a necklace diamond drop pendant – a gift that never fails to please.


From ornate drops to diamond studs, gold hoops and creoles to stunning statement earrings, there are a number of different styles available to choose from.

If you’re really stuck on what to go for, you will not go wrong with a pair of diamond studs which can be worn any day of the week and look amazing. We have a range to suit all tastes and budgets and we will help you to make the right decision.


A bracelet is not just for Christmas it should provide a lifetime of use if you buy the right one and even a simple bracelet can be both classic and really versatile. Depending on their taste or budget you can buy a fancy stone set bracelet or a simple curb that will last and last and can be worn for every occasion. If you are not sure and you budget allows then a diamond line bracelet guarantees to make any woman very happy. We have ranges starting from 1.00 carat diamond bracelets to 16 carats which will certainly tick the box for some lucky person!


Many people are put off from giving rings as they don’t feel confident about their finger size. Don’t be –nearly all rings can easily be sized and it is quite a simple process. We will advise you on whether this is possible before you buy it and all you have to do is pick the one you feel will suit them best. Often it’s the best bet is to secretly borrow one she wears from her collection for the day and take it to your nearest Christopher Brown store where we can check the size. For those wishing to ‘pop the question’ and make it a surprise then we will help you gauge it as closely as possible and often size the ring for free as part of the service. Don’t worry – if you have completely got it wrong and she simply doesn’t like what you have bought her as we offer a 14 day exchange policy so you won’t be left without that perfect gift.


A watch is such a useful gift. Many men collect luxury watches and have a complete passion and intrigue over Rolex or other prestigious brands. Others like a simple and much less expensive practical watch that looks nice on the wrist and just tells the time without the fuss or investment. We sell both and stock lots of them!   

Our collection of Rolex is ever changing as they sell fast and are competitively priced with those on-line though we have all the main models in stock across the business. Going to a ‘proper jewellers’ instead of shopping on-line gives you the chance to try the watch on and see how it feels with the weight on your wrist. It’s also nice to ‘kick the tyres’ and see and touch the real thing instead of an image on a screen which can hide a whole manor of imperfections. All of our luxury watches come with a 2 year warranty and authenticity guarantee to give you the peace of mind that you are buying from a reputable dealer and not going to get caught by a potential internet scam.

We also sell a complete range of other brands from trustworthy Citizen to our manager’s special half price Lorus range so there will be something to suit everyone who has been naughty or nice on your Santa’s list.

At Christopher Brown Jewellers in Seacroft we aim to give you a service that is above and beyond. The magic of shopping at a traditional jewellers in your local high-street does still exist and we promise to give you the help and guidance you need to make buying that special gift a memorable experience that will make this Christmas a very special Christmas indeed.

Visit our Christopher Brown stores at Seacroft, York, Shipley, Pontefract or our new store at Stockport, or our Brown and Gold branches at Batley, Toxteth and Prescot. If you want to get some ideas before you come, visit to see our on-line catalogue and lets make this Christmas Special. 

Chris Brown

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