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Summer holidays are almost here, the weather is hot and Wimbledon is back. Holidays are in full swing and despite the queues at the airports our Foreign Exchange departments are rushed off their feet selling Euros and Dollars to those lucky enough to be going abroad, making up for previous years of lockdown. 

We have sold a record number of Rolex watches over the last 12 months. As we replenish our stock we come across rare and unusual models. Rolex usually make their watches in Oystersteel or a combination of this and yellow or white gold. They do however make some very attractive rose gold versions and nothing more appropriate this month than the Rolex Wimbledon Dial Datejust. A stunning bimetal watch with a rose gold bimetal strap and smooth rose gold bezel.

A second watch of note is the ladies bi-metal rose gold and diamond dot-dial datejust. Just the thing to wear while sipping Pimms and pink champagne on the centre court.

A final rose gold Rolex option worth investing in is the ‘Root Beer’. This is a Rolex GMT Master II ideal for those who want functionality and style from their watch. It has a dedicated 24 hour-hand to be used in conjunction with the bidirectional black and brown ceramic bezel allowing a separate time zone to be set. 

All these watches are currently in stock at Christopher Brown Jewellers and can be viewed at any of our branches by appointment or view online at

A preowned luxury Rolex watch is an investment – Rolex have a restricted number of agencies across the world and each watch takes around a year to manufacture. This creates a waiting list and so with their demand ahead of supply, the price of some of the models just seems to go up and up in price, well beyond their list price with gents’ sports models leading the charge once again. There are not many luxuries we can enjoy the pleasure of wearing that keep ahead of inflation and prove to be an asset, but Rolex continue to buck the trend and is well worth the investment if you have the funds.

All our pre-owned luxury watches come with a 2-year warranty and have had a full service with Rolex qualified engineers and comprehensive refurbishment. However, buying a watch is a bit like buying a second-hand car. You need to use a supplier you can trust and be able to call back to them if ever there is a problem. We rarely have any issues but should there ever be the slightest problem, we will sort it for you and most importantly you can be assured you are buying a genuine watch that has been properly checked out and expertly serviced. With so many fakes out there you should take no risks.

However, like an expensive car, a luxury watch needs a regular servicing to ensure it remains in perfect working order for generations to come.

Rolex Servicing

A Rolex service can cost from as little as £495 at Christopher Brown Jewellers however some models will cost more. This may seem a lot of money to spend but there is a lot more work involved than you might imagine.

A Rolex Submariner with a 3235 movement contains 201 separate parts with a further 55 parts in the case and strap. When a Rolex is serviced, every single part is dismantled, cleaned in a specialised ultrasonic cleaner, lubricated and reassembled. The watch is then recalibrated, pressure tested and put on a timegrapher to check its accuracy is within the accepted limits for a Rolex of + 4 and -7 seconds per day.

Call in to your nearest Christopher Brown Jewellers to get a free evaluation and quotation for your luxury watch service. 

Not everybody is interested in watches. Diamond jewellery sales are really picking up so with Wimbledon in full swing why not treat yourself or your loved one to a dazzling tennis bracelet? 

A diamond line bracelet is a very universal piece of jewellery that can be worn all year round with prices to fit all budgets. I can’t think of a better way of putting the last year behind you than treating yourself to something that will took stunning to wear and last for many generations to come.

Need Cash Now….?

For those needing some money in the bank, the gold price is still really high right now as it has been all year. If you have any unwanted gold or jewellery now is a great time to turn it into cash so call into your nearest store while it still remains strong. You can use your jewellery to borrow money with our pawnbroking lending service or sell your goods for immediate cash.

Brown & Gold are a family business with 8 branches across the North including 5 stores in Yorkshire including Seacroft, York, Shipley, Pontefract, and Batley and Stockport, Prescot and Toxteth in the North West. You will receive the fantastic service you would expect from a family business and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding value.

Visit for further details or to see some of our latest Rolex watches or visit our stores to see our ever changing extensive range of stunning jewellery and meet our expert teams for expert advice.

Whatever you plan to do, make this summer special.

Chris Brown

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