March 2019

Antiques With Gary DonFeatures

Hi Gary

Found these 2 old lighters, I wonder if you could tell me anything about them? 

Darin Brown

Dear Darin,

Thank you for your email.

Certain lighters such as gold, silver and novelty lighters can be highly collectable.

We have recently sold a Dunhill Aquarium lighter for over £1600. However since the decline of popularity in smoking, most lighters only sell for a few pounds each. The first lighter in your photo could possibly be a piece of trench art made by soldiers or prisoners of war. It would sell for around £40 – 60. If your chrome lighter says Dunhill underneath, it would probably be worth around £70 – 100.

Hi Gary

I was left an old vase by my mum, can you tell me anything about it?


Hi, thank you for your email.

This is a vintage mantle twin handled lustreware vase most popular in Britain between the 1940’s – 60’s. Lustreware was made to reflect light and your vase will look spectacular when the sun shines on it. These undervalued vases can be picked up today for £20 or less.  But don’t judge an item just by its monetary value. It is a lovely piece and it is worth keeping for the future.

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