MAY 2022

Antiques With Gary DonFeatures

Dear Gary

I have a few items that belonged to my grandmother, she was born in 1909 for your valuation please.

The tea service is Royal Albert set of 6 no markings on anything else.



Dear Deborah,

Thank you for your email.

You have a glass dressing table set which was very popular in your grandmother’s days.

It would have sat on her dressing table and contained lidded jars for creams, scents and hairpins.

Candlesticks would have been used for light in the bedroom in pre-electricity days. The more expensive sets were made of cut glass and you can tell the difference by the sound of the ring of the glass and whether or not you can see any joins in the glass. When these sets are in fashion they can sell up to £50.

Your tea set could possibly be the Royal Albert ‘Val d’Or’ design in white and gold. You only have a half set as a full tea service consists of 12 cups, 12 saucers, 12 side plates, serving plates, teapot, sugar and cream. It would fetch more if it was the Country Rose or Moonlight Rose flowered design which are very desirable today. Your part tea set would probably sell for £40 – 60.

Hello Gary,

These paddles once hung on our walls, but many years ago taken down and put away. Now having a tidy out I came across them. Is there any value to them? They are 1m 50 long.


M. Robinson

Hello and thank you for your email.

These look like souvenir tribal paddles which come up for sale quite often and usually fetch under £50. However they would require further examination and research to confirm their age and origin as there are some rare examples that can sell for a lot more.

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