Wagging Tales

I became a guide dog owner just over a year ago but already my dog has changed my life more than I can explain.
Guss, is a three year old yellow labrador retriever. He comes to work with me every day and is a star turn in the British Gas offices in Leeds where I work in the Home Energy Care and Probate department.
I was born with glaucoma that was not diagnosed until I was 3 years old. My grandfather, mother, and siblings all have it to different degrees. I have almost nil vision in my right eye and only 3 metres in my left eye. I was registered blind in 2005.
Before I got Guss, I used a long cane, but it had limitations and could be a hazard in crowded places. The only time I went out on my own was to go to work. Otherwise I only left home when I was with my partner, my son, or other family and friends.
Since getting Guss I am confident enough to go anywhere. Together, we’ve been to lots of places. We even went to Liverpool for a pair of trainers, something I would never have dreamed of doing on my own, although as the trainers were a Star Wars pair I did have the Force with me as well as Guss.
Guss gives me the confidence that I lacked and I no longer feel afraid or anxious. We go for very long walks during his off lead free run and recently walked to the top of Rivington Pike. This means I’m getting fitter and Guss is enjoying himself. Having Guss is wonderful”.
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