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As the latest in a long line of class-leading sport touring tyres, Michelin is pleased to announce the launch of its MICHELIN Road 6 tyre range, a tyre range designed to offer riders of roadsters, trail bikes, sportsbikes and GT motorcycles the optimised performance in terms of wet grip, longevity, comfort and handling.

Alongside the standard MICHELIN Road 6 tyre range, which now incorporates sizes for big trail bikes, there is also the MICHELIN Road 6 GT tyre designed for grand touring machines.

Using technologies developed by engineers in Michelin’s R&D centres, the new MICHELIN Road 6 tyre offers a 15 percent improvement in wet grip and a 10 percent increase in tyre life compared with its predecessor, the MICHELIN Road 5 tyre.

These improvements in performance have been made possible by a new tread design, advances in raw materials and an optimized tyre architecture.

Bearing in mind the pride that most riders have in the appearance of their motorcycles, a first for a MICHELIN Road tyre range is the use of MICHELIN Premium Touch Design in the design of the sidewalls of the MICHELIN Road 6 tyres. This exclusive technology uses micro geometry on the sidewalls to create texture, which in-turn allows it to modulate contrast and create shades of grey to highlight the tyre markings and give an attractive finish.

Available now, the new MICHELIN Road 6 tyre range comprises six front and eight rear sizes, while the MICHELIN Road 6 GT tyre range is available in one front and three rear sizes. This range provides fitments for everything from small roadsters such as the KTM 390, through sports bikes and trail bikes, up to GT machines such as the BMW K1600 GT/GTL.

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