New Youth Club For Aspiring Young Archaeologists Comes To Leeds

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A new club for budding ‘Young Archaeologists’ has recently been launched in Leeds for children interested in archaeology, history and exploring the past.

Councillors Judith Blake, Paul Truswell and Kim Groves (Labour, Middleton Park) are delighted that the Leeds Young Archaeologist Club (YAC) has been set up at Middleton Park Visitor Centre.

During the fun interactive sessions children aged 8-16 will get the opportunity to meet professional archaeologists, learn about the techniques archaeologists use to investigate sites, explore what objects they may find from different periods in history and undertake experimental archaeology projects.

The Leeds YAC has been set up following the very successful Middleton Park History Detective Club, which was funded as part of the Parks for People regeneration scheme. This scheme saw the popular South Leeds Park being transformed, with new footpaths, signage, a bandstand and the construction of a fabulous new visitor centre, which is the venue for the Leeds YAC.

Over the next year this vibrant club will include sessions on prehistory, pottery (where the children will get the opportunity to make their own pots), memorials, food from the past (where the children will make butter) and textiles. There are also some field trips planned, including to The Leeds Discovery Centre and an archaeologically themed Christmas Party!

The Young Archaeologist Club is part of the Council for British Archaeology, an educational charity and this new Leeds branch provides a valuable addition to the 65 branches situated across the county.  The club is run by a team of dedicated volunteers and lead by professional archaeologist Louise Martin.

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