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Dear Gary,
Please could you tell me anything about these items that we have found in our late mother’s home. Thank you. Josephine.
Dear Josephine,
Thank you for your email.
Your first vase is a copy of a Royal Vienna vase. Genuine Royal Vienna china has a beehive mark underneath and dates from Victorian times. This however is a copy and worth under £50.
The second jug is a Hillstoria pottery jug made in the Moira Pottery Works from 1922. They made stoneware and kitchenalia. Their Hillstoria range was originally intended for containing plants and forcing bulbs. Your jug is probably worth around £20 – 25.
The Royal Winton jug was made by Grimwades Ltd., who were later famous for their Chintz pattern which became very popular. Your jug was probably from a set of 3 graduating size jugs and is worth £20 – 30.


I would be grateful if you could give a value to the print as shown. I understand that it may be of one of the holes on the course at Augusta. The picture is approx 44 x 26 inches and in quite good condition.Many thanks. Darren.
Dear Darren,
Thank you for your email. It is not possible for me to tell from your photo if the picture is a print or an original and there is no visible signature. If it is just a print, then its value would be under £20. A numbered limited edition print signed by the artist could be worth up to £100 and an original painting could be worth several hundred pounds depending on the artist. You are welcome to bring it down to our saleroom on York Road to check. There is a market for golf memorabilia – we recently sold some antique feather golfballs for over £1000! There are many golfing prints on the market, but someone may like your Augusta picture.


Hi Gary, I wonder if this dolls chair is worth anything. My grandma said she had a doll that used to sit on it. I think it may be old
Dear Kathleen,
Thank you for your email.
You are right in thinking it is old. It is an antique Windsor child’s chair. Many of these were made in Victorian and earlier periods and most were made of oak and elm.
Your chair appears to be made of Yew, which is a very rare wood. It also has a crinoline shaped stretcher which is very difficult to make. I can remember been in my Grandfather’s shop at maybe 7 years of age and he asked me to run my hand over a similar chair What do you feel he asked ? I said it was really smooth with a smooth feel and has a lovely yellow colour. No other wood feels or looks like this and it is a lesson I will never forget, although I am not able to touch your chair it is definitely a fine example of a yew wood baby windsor chair and should sell between £500-700.


Dear Gary, I have this figure which has always been in my family It has a foreign name underneath It looks a bit 1920 and is in good condition,is it worth much?
Dear Mary,
Thank you for your email. Your figure looks to be made by Goldscheider.
Freidrich Goldscheider was an Bohemian ceramic manufacturer who created wonderful masterpieces in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. Famous artists such as Lorenzl, and the two most famous Austrian ceramic artists, Michael Powolny and Vally Wieselthier worked for Goldscheider. The Goldscheider family emigrated to the UK and USA in 1938. One of the brothers came to Stoke on Trent and produced figurative ceramics for Myott. He opened his own studio in the 1950’s.
Goldscheider figures are very sought after and if in good condition as you say, it should sell for £2500 – 3000.
A word of advice – Do not wash it in hot water with detergents! It will detract from the wonderful colours and quality of this fabulous item.
You may be sat on a treasure trove! It is often the items that you think are worthless that can turn out to be the most valuable. Not sure?
Then send an email to
I will answer everyone.
Look forward to valuing for you.

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