Now is the time to prepare for your winter cycling!

Many of you who have been cycling regularly through out the summer could be forgiven for thinking that winter has come early this year. We have had heavy rain, winds and even hale stones. However, fortunately there have been some good days as well with many of our customers telling us how much fun they have had riding their bikes.

Well, the fun doesn’t need to stop just because the darker nights are coming and the weather is getting colder and wetter. Cycling can still offer plenty of enjoyment throughout the winter and to encourage readers of the Yorkshire Reporter we have an exclusive offer of 20% off cycle servicing, and accessories during September. To claim the discount, you must bring this article into store with you.

Your personal safety has to be your first consideration. Many motorists now drive with their car lights on all day and it’s best if cyclists do the same. If you already have some bike lights, check that they are in working order, if not, we have a wide range in stock so call in and see us.

Most cycle clothing and many accessories now have reflective strips incorporated within them. If yours don’t, you should think carefully about upgrading your equipment so that you are visible at all times.

Once you feel safe then it is time to consider your comfort. Keeping moisture away from the skin is important to avoid getting too cold. Most cyclists will consider a waterproof jacket and possibly even trousers, but ignore what they wear underneath. Wearing a merino wool base layer will wick moisture from the skin and help to regulate body temperature. A decent pair of overshoes will keep the wind and rain out of your shoes; similarly long fingered gloves will keep you warm and avoid a dangerous loss of dexterity. A skullcap worn under your helmet will also help to keep you warm.

Recommended equipment also includes: Mudguards, these are essential and will help to keep you and your fellow riders dry and clean. Many clubs will not let you join a ride without them. Winter tyres can also be considered essential. They will have better tread patterns and additional puncture protection for the wet and gritty winter roads.

A visible and warm cyclist is of little use if they are riding an unreliable bike. Regular maintenance and cleaning is particularly important when the weather conditions are harsh. Take advantage of our September discount and have your bike serviced in September. Our Cytec qualified mechanics will give your bike a thorough check over and advise on any essential maintenance required for the winter period. Wheel rims, hubs, tyres, bearings, cables, brakes, drivetrain components etc. will all be checked, adjusted and lubricated as required leaving your bike clean and ready for winter.

A gleaming bike will soon be covered in muck and grime from a wet road. We stock a wide range of bike specific cleaning products and lubricants. A degreaser and chain bath will quickly restore mucky components and exposed cables will benefit from regular attention. Cleaning and lubricating your bike after a ride should become part of your routine.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy the benefits of cycling throughout the winter and that you don’t forget to claim your discount during September.


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