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This month we launch our new Foreign Exchange department at our York and Pontefract branches. Seacroft, Shipley and Batley are already booming FX stores and it would seem that despite the uncertainty with the BREXIT decision and the political environment it doesn’t seem to have put us Brits off going abroad when it comes to the summer holidays.

We try to be the most competitive supplier of Foreign Exchange in the locality and we check our rates throughout the day to make sure that remains the case. Those who know a good deal come back to us time and again and because it’s not our main source of income, we can make sure we are the best in town!

Those going abroad often need their jewellery cleaning or repairing and even something new to wear with their summer outfits so we are a ‘one stop shop’ for many of your holiday needs. You can borrow money against some jewellery or sell your unwanted items to raise some extra holiday spending money, have your jewellery cleaned and repaired while you are away, use our ‘Safe Vault Storage Facility’ to keep your items safe and give you peace of mind while your house is left empty or simply treat yourself to something sparkly to wear while you are away!

I was chatting to a customer the other day and she was saying how she enjoyed reading the ‘diary of a Pawnbroker’ but would love to hear about any unusual or special items that have been preowned and we now have for sale. I explained that we have had a few stunning pieces come into our branches recently such as some amazing diamond necklets set in 9ct white gold set with nearly 10 carats of diamonds worth over £20,000 we are selling for HALF PRICE at less than £10,000, and while she was at it she could treat herself to a 5ct tennis bracelet – again set with some stunning diamonds and a real bargain at £5850,or even a mixed cut 18ct white gold pave set bracelet with 11.5ct of diamonds for £9950….

‘Actually’, she said ‘it’s the more unusual things I was wondering about!’

Well it’s true we do lend on unusual items and currently have a genuine ‘Rolls Royce’ umbrella which is a magnificent item (especially if you have the car to go with it), there is a complete set of rare and collectable ‘Lord of the Rings’ silver coins which are worth over £1000, a set of three contemporary silver champagne flutes by the highly collectable silversmith ‘Stuart Devlin’ which sell on-line for over £500 each!

So whether you chose to spend your money on a holiday,  just want some cash or need a brolly for the summer, call into BROWN & GOLD at Seacroft & Batley or CHRISTOPHER BROWN JEWELLERS in Shipley, York and Pontefract and you might be surprised with just how much we can help you!

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