Photography Exhibition “From Bradford To Berlin”


At Forster’s Bistro in Bradford, there is currently a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach! Andy Goodall a Leeds born photographer, currently has an exhibition entitled ‘From Bradford to Berlin’ running until the 12th June. We caught up with Andy to find out more about his photography and the exhibition.

He first discovered a passion for photography shortly after starting work when he was asked to photograph a car that had been involved in an accident, and he had to borrow his mother’s Kodak Brownie 127 as he didn’t own a camera. This first ever photographic assignment sparked an interest in taking pictures so he managed to purchase a fully mechanical camera which was all his budget would stretch to at the time. Andy remembers “It seemed to weigh about as much as a small family car and I struggled with it.” One positive though was that it didn’t require batteries! He taught himself about photography by reading library books and magazines on the subject.

Since that very first photograph, Andy, now living in Bradford has not stopped snapping away. He is very much a city boy and that’s where his inspiration comes from. “When I’m in a town or city I constantly see things that I want to photograph” he says. Preferring cloudless blue skies – (a rarity in this country!) Andy aims to create tightly framed, interestingly composed pictures. He also does not like to ‘fiddle’ with the images too much and usually only makes slight adjustments on the computer such as contrast and brightness. There are no filters or special effects added.

The current exhibition at Forster’s Bistro is his seventh. Previous exhibitions have been at Bradford Industrial Museum, Leeds Central Library and various art galleries across Yorkshire. The 47 colour photographs on display at the moment were taken at locations all over Europe from Bradford and Leeds to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome and Berlin. There is also an image taken in Chicago. There are 31 pictures on the restaurant wall, 10 in the bar, and six in the gallery area at the back of the restaurant.

When asked where Andy goes from here, he said “I’m now 62 but I’d like to improve. I never want to stop learning and I’d like to have more exhibitions. Please!”

“From Bradford to Berlin” can be seen at Forster’s Bistro, 9 Aldermanbury, Centenary Square,

Bradford, BD1 1SD. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am to 10pm.

For more information on Andy, visit his website

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