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Hello readers and a Merry Christmas! Welcome to my regular monthly review.

This month I am reviewing a toy that will be a good idea to buy for a girl. If you have boys to buy for, a good idea for them is the Ninja Turtles range. There are loads of different figures and vehicles to choose from with different features at varying prices that are proving to be really popular with the boys I know!

The toy I am reviewing is called Puppy Surprise! So if you are stuck for ideas on what to buy this Christmas for the little girl in your life, or they don’t know what to spend their Christmas money on, read on to find out more…

You may be thinking ‘what is a Puppy Surprise?’ It is a plush dog that has 3, 4 or 5 puppies inside and you don’t know how many you are going to get.

You can get girls or boys, twins or even a runt. Inside your dog’s pouch are the babies. They come in a nice box with a carry handle at the top, so you can save the box to use as a dog kennel/carrier if you wish. 

The mother dog

There are 3 mother dogs to choose from who are named Sugar, Zoey and Popcorn.

I personally chose Zoey which is a pink and white dog. The body of Zoey is pink with a white and pink head. The face is plastic and has cool detail on it which includes a glittery nose! It also has a fluffy white tail and ears. Sugar and Popcorn are different colours.

The puppies 

I received 3 puppies in my box. The first one I got was a cute girl, the second was a little boy and the last one was a sleeping girl. That’s just what I got but each box has different puppies in it, making them unique.

This toy is from around the 80s and 90s that has been re-made and brought back out again, so parents or carers may remember this toy from when they were young. For more toys that were popular in times gone by, have a look at our Christmas feature on pages 28-29. 

Overall I think Puppy Surprises are a good idea and I recommend them as a gift. Have a fantastic Christmas and I will be back in the New Year with my next review!


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