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Christmas and the traditional turkey dinner is a favourite with many, but even those that enjoy their meal followed by the turkey sandwiches begin to think they can’t face more. The left overs always tend to be plenty so Boxing Day can be a struggle with more to get through but using it to make a delicious tasty pie could not be easier, follow the recipe and enjoy!


● Cooked turkey meat torn into chunks

● 2 Bacon rashers (optional)

● Chicken or vegetable stock

● 2 tablespoons of plain flour 

● 1 egg

Any vegetables you would like in the pie e.g. carrots, leeks 

● Salt & pepper to season

● Oil 

● Puff pastry


● Pre heat the oven to 190°C

Put your bacon (optional) in a frying pan and fry off for a few minutes. Add your vegetables with some olive oil and salt & pepper. Turn down the heat and leave to cook, stirring every 5 to 10 minutes.

When everything is softened, add your turkey meat, and stir. Now add the flour and mix well then pour in your stock of choice and mix. Bring to the boil and add more seasoning if needed. 

Turn off the heat and start rolling out your pastry. You will need a deep baking dish, roll out the pastry so it’s big enough to cover the top of it.

Spoon the turkey mixture into the dish and spread out evenly, lay your pastry on the top and tuck in. Gently score with a knife and then beat your egg to use as an egg wash over the pastry. 

Put your finished pie into the oven for about 40 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve with gravy.

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