New research by Superdrug shows that 89% of Brits want to improve their health, but more than two thirds (74%) have not sought help, advice or treatment and those that have, have waited (on average) an astonishing 25 months before tackling their personal health concern. So, in a bid to help the nation improve their health in summer 2016 and beyond, Superdrug has launched its #TeamMe campaign – a Health & Wellbeing revolution taking place across the UK to help and inspire every Briton who wants to make a positive change, to take action. #TeamMe, which is fronted by Rebecca Adlington and Paralympic long jumper Stef Reid, includes Leeds born Carolyn Simpson and West Yorkshire lass Sarah Barker.
Carolyn is a 28-year-old Digital Account Manager who is determined to lose weight as part of her #TeamMe journey. Carolyn has recently gained some weight which has affected her confidence so she signed up to #TeamMe to shake up her diet and lifestyle by bringing exercise and a healthier eating plan back into her life.
Sarah is a 35-year-old mum of three who is determined to lose weight as part of her #TeamMe journey. With her first holiday in two years coming up in August, Sarah is hoping to shed at least two stone and improve her general health and wellbeing.
Carolyn and Sarah, along with the other four members, will be receiving support and encouragement from Adlington and Reid, as well as pharmacists, doctors and nutritionists over the next four months with the hope to achieving their goals.
Speaking at the launch of #TeamMe, former Olympic swimmer, and co-captain of #TeamMe, Rebecca Adlington said: “You’re never too old, too busy or too late to make a positive change to your health and getting the right support is key to achieving your goal. I could never have achieved my gold medal success without the help of my training team, so that’s why I’m proud to be part of Superdrug #TeamMe – it’s a positive, inspiring group of individuals supported with solid expert advice from Superdrug. I think the team is going to be unstoppable in achieving their targets and I can’t wait to go on this journey with them.”
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