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Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year and a time to show appreciation and affection for the one you love. 

Isn’t it time you moved away from the traditional flowers and chocolates this year and gave something special such as a stunning piece of jewellery that she’ll absolutely adore!

Giving a special piece of jewellery is exciting and if you are planning to make it official and give an engagement ring then we have a range of stunning range of hand-picked diamonds to choose from.

If you are already engaged or married then its time to buy her an eternity or dress ring.

An eternity ring is the test of time and shows lasting affection and never ending love signified with an unbroken circle or half circle of beautiful diamonds. A dress ring is a pretty gem set ring that can be worn on any occasion and most often on the opposite hand to the engagement ring. They needn’t be expensive but are often so appreciated and beautiful to admire. 

Necklaces are an excellent choice for almost any Valentine’s Day situation. If she’s long overdue for a really special Valentine’s Day gift, go all out with a stunning diamond pendant. A true classic available in a choice of carat weights and styles, the traditionalist in her will love it, and she’ll be able to wear it with any outfit at any time. We also have a range of stunning silver necklets with hearts and stones that she will love which are on a 3 for 2 offer so you can really spoil her for less than the cost of a meal out.

Earrings are a wonderful gift and again can be diamond set or simple gold creoles or studs. Always appreciated, a girl can’t have enough earrings and she will love the thought you have put into them.

Finally if you really want to show you care, how about a luxury watch. What better than to give the love of your life a symbol of lasting quality and perfection such as a ROLEX, CARTIER, TAG or OMEGA. It takes a special man to make that investment and it will show how timeless your love is for each other!


Love is a two way street and he needs to be shown that you appreciate him too! 

Most men love watches. Whether you buy an everyday watch, smart dress / work watch or even splash out on a Rolex for him too, you will always make a man happy when you give him something practical he can play with. 

If your man is a lover of gold then now is the time to buy some men’s jewellery and buy him some pre-owned gold that lasts the test of time and will give you both a lot more for your money. Men’s chains, bracelets and rings are always appreciated and will show him you really care as it’s unlikely he will ever take them off and he will always be reminded of you when he wears them.

Whatever you wish for this Valentine’s day – whether it’s a dazzling diamond to say ‘I do’ or a simple piece of jewellery to prove you still care, buy it from Christopher Brown Jewellers in York, Seacroft, Shipley or Pontefract or Stockport or Brown & Gold in Batley, Toxteth or Prescot and you know your valentine will have smiles all-round on February 14th. 

Chris Brown

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