Special Constable Speaks Of Joy After Completing Off-Road Motorcycle Course

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A West Yorkshire Police Special Constable who dreamt of combining his love for riding with policing has managed to fulfil his wish after completing a Off Road motorbike course. 

Special Constable Maciej, who joined the force as a Special Constable three years ago, wanted to pursue a career with the police or join the army. However, the opportunity didn’t arise, so Maciej began a career within the private sector, working in IT.

He said: “The more I progressed in the job, the less I interacted with people and I began to miss it. My wife and a few friends of mine were already Special Constables with West Yorkshire Police and other forces, and they had nothing but positive things to say about the role. 

“I wanted to volunteer, and through this I would also be able to interact with people in the community.”

Following Maciej’s training, he began working with the Castleford Neighbourhood policing team, but had his eye on joining the off-road biking team. 

He said: “I asked if it was a possibility, as I didn’t know any Specials who were trained in specialist roles. I was advised by officers to just ask questions when the opportunity comes round and see where it goes. I didn’t put my hopes up, but I was told there was a special constable who worked with the Off-Road biking team 10 years ago, so I knew there may be a chance.”

Fortunately for Maciej, the opportunity did arise, and with the help of West Yorkshire Police Liaison Officer Irene Fleming, she paved the way for Maciej to get onto the Off-Road Biking course, allowing him to work alongside the team. 

Maciej said: “Irene was incredible. She was able to put a strong case forward for me as I was an experienced rider, so I did not need a lot of training, I just needed to learn and understand the force policy. I’d also like to thank Wakefield SLT for supporting me throughout the process.”

“I successfully passed the course and the inspectors are delighted to have me on board, and I’m really excited to get stuck in. 

“I’ve already assisted on one shift and it was everything I imagined and more. As a special constable you have the flexibility to do a little more and it’s not limited in the way it can be if you’re working as a PCSO. I can fill in the gap for people if they are on leave or if an emergency arises, which benefits the force.

“I never thought I would be able to combine my love for riding with my role as a special constable, but if you’re persistent, you can do just that.”

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