Squires Charity Egg Run – Sunday 13th April

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Following the success of the Santa Toy Biker ride out St George’s Crypt has been asked to be involved with the next event – the Squire’s Egg run to Lightwater Valley Park on Sunday 13th April.

The partnership began late last year with the Crypt’s community fundraiser, Arja Copperwheat, and the biker’s event organiser, Chris Eden, came together to discuss the possibility of giving out the collected toys and setting up a promotional stall.

‘In the beginning it looked like it was going to be a one off, we didn’t realise the potential the event held.’ Said Arja. ‘After the event we received over 1000 toys which we gave out to children across Leeds – it was a huge success. When Chris called to offer us the eggs from the egg run how could we refuse?’

The Egg Run will see the bikers, weather permitting, riding out from Squire’s café up to Lightwater Valley Park and back again. The charity stalls and public aspect of the event will be held at Lightwater Valley Park, opening at 10am with the bikers expected to arrive in all their finery around 12pm.

‘We will hopefully be getting close to 250 bikers weather permitting.’ Chris Eden said. ‘If it’s a lovely day then that could go up to 500 plus and lots of us will be dressed up in fancy dress. If it’s pouring with rain or snowing heavily then we will have to stay at Squire’s but we are expected at Lightwater Valley.’

Following a meeting with Lightwater Valley Park there is also the possibility that this event could lead to more partnership work between the Park, the bikers and the charities they support. Yorkshire air ambulance, the Park’s chosen charity this year, have helped facilitate this link and are already looking forward to future possibilities.

Every year the biker’s do a Ride of Honour in support of British troops and there is the possibility of a collaboration between the Park and the Bikers with the Park as a possible venue for the biker’s event.

All reports from the Santa run bode well for the continuation of these events and hopefully having a permanent venue will increase public attendance. ‘I envisage something on the same scale as a regional car rally, with lots of public interest, families coming out to support a local event that benefits local charities and sees bikers dressed up in seasonal fancy dress welcomed by a receptive audience. It would benefit the venue, the profile of local bikers and the profile of all the charities involved.’

So if the egg run is anything like the Santa run last year it should be a great event, where nearly all the bikers dressed up in a mixture of Santa, Rudolph and elf costumes with a few Supermen and Batmen here and there to spice things up.


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