The Kennel Club Launches New Online Puppy Packs

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The Kennel Club is delighted to announce the launch of a new online Puppy Pack for breeders and owners. The pack, which can be accessed by breeders via their Kennel Club online account, is designed to support both breeders and owners in ensuring the best start in life for puppies going to their new home.

The new downloadable packs will offer personalised information about puppies, collated from the breeder’s account following details they have added when registering the puppy with The Kennel Club. Information will include the date of birth, description of the dog including colour, markings and any health results for the puppy, as well as for the sire and dam of the puppy registered. Breeders are encouraged to complete all the additional information on the puppy’s first six weeks including socialisation, feeding and vaccinations.

Packs will be customised according to breed and will include any specific health tests the breeder has undertaken for the puppy, inbreeding calculators, as well as breed-specific advice on feeding and grooming, and recommendations to contact breed clubs for specialised information or advice. Health data is vital in The Kennel Club’s work to track progress and make meaningful changes to breed health.  It’s Breed Health and Conservation Plans are bespoke to each breed and provide breeders with guidance about how to ensure the future health of pedigree breeds.

The puppy’s microchip number and any activated pet insurance policy number and policy start date will also be included within the documentation, with an offering of five weeks free insurance with Kennel Club Pet Insurance provided by Agria for breeders to be able to offer their new puppy owner, giving them, and the new owner reassurance in those early days that they are covered instantly.

Helen Fox, The Kennel Club’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented: “We have carried out extensive research to find ways for us to help make the puppy buying journey easier.  

“Using our findings, we devised an online puppy pack which has been shared with those new to breeding, as well as those who are more established, for input. We are now pleased to launch this new enhanced free of charge feature to Kennel Club litter registration and be able to have a new online facility available to all, which we hope will be of benefit to anyone having a litter of puppies, as well as new owners.

“The new online puppy packs will make the administration process easier for breeders, so they can focus on their puppies, knowing that the new owner will have all the information they need when they leave with their new puppy, helping to give the dog the best start in life.”

The new online puppy pack is easy to download and personalise by breeders who will be able to print and provide to the new owners.

Further information can be found at

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