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Back in the 1960’s, when I was young, we used to drink huge amounts of fizzy drinks: Dandelion and Burdock, Lemonade, Lime and Lemonade, Cherryade etc. We didn’t have to go to the shop to buy it because it was delivered to the door by Corona.
When I started in the bike trade, in the early 1990’s I was reminded of these exciting deliveries because our lights would be delivered in just the same way by the “Ever Ready” man who, as far as I could establish, would travel all round the north of England selling lights, torches and batteries out of the back of a van. We would sell hundreds of sets of these lights every year and there was no choice, if you wanted bike lights you got a set from Ever Ready.
Your bike must be fitted with working lights if you ride on public roads after dark. We no longer sell the Ever Ready’s, but if you visit our shop today, you will be amazed at the huge range of inexpensive lights available to you.


With such a big range, we would be surprised if you didn’t need a bit of advice before choosing the right ones for you. Our opening question will probably be: “what do you want them for?” Most people reply, “ to see with of course!” But, this is not necessarily the case, because many of our lights are now designed to make the cyclist more visible rather than to improve their vision.
We stock bike lights suitable for: Urban Cycling, Rural riding, Mountain bike Night Riding, Mixed Riding and those to improve daytime visibility. Prices range from under £10 to over £300 so there really is no excuse not to have some light on your bike.
“Back in the day”, each Ever Ready light would have 4 x U2 batteries in and, if you were lucky they would last for 4-6 hours. Our best selling set sells for £30 and includes batteries that will last for up to 400 hours when used in flashing mode.
Many lights no longer need batteries and can be recharged via your USB port.

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