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Hello readers and welcome to my monthly article. Looking for somewhere interesting to visit? The National Coal Mining Museum provides a great family day out and somewhere definitely worth going. Read on to find out more…

The National Coal Mining Museum is located in Wakefield and makes a very fun and interesting day out for children and adults alike. Its features include an underground tour of the mine, a chance to look at the pit ponies in the stables, a ride out on an old train, a large nature reserve, and a museum as well as a cafe/shop.

The first thing I did there was go on the underground tour. It felt like you were a real miner as you had to wear hard hats and carry lights as you went down into the underground in a real old shaft lift with your tour leader. The tour guide told us lots of information which we were all really interested in, and he gave us a very good understanding of what life was like working in a mine during different time periods. The tour lasted a bit over an hour and was a key part to the day.

Next I looked round the museum which has very interesting pieces of things from the mines/miners as well as giving extra information. This part may be more appealing to adults however they do have areas within the museum for children, such as a typical miner’s house.

The coal mining museum is surrounded by beautiful scenery in the countryside which you can walk through and take a break from your busy day as well as having a walk up to see the ponies.

I found there was so many factors to the place that there truly was something for everyone and it gives you a fantastic insight into what is such a large part of Yorkshire’s heritage. It would be perfect to spend a full day there with maybe a picnic on warm days! You have to book onto your underground tour when you first arrive at the museum, where they take a deposit of £3 per person. You can either leave this as a donation to the running of the museum or request it back at the end. The rest of the museum is free too.

Overall I had a brilliant day at the National Coal Mining Museum and I recommend it to everyone.

National Coal Mining Museum for England

Caphouse Colliery, New Road, Overton, Wakefield WF4 4RH

Tel: 01924 848 806


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