West Yorkshire Police Warning Message Issued After Several Cash Machines Tampered With

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It has been brought to our attention that a few cash machines have been tampered with, the most recent being at TSB on Otley Road Headingley where a lad lost £290 due to card skimming.
Please read the following to help reduce the chances of becoming a victim. Share with your friends and family.
A device fitted to a cash machine records your card details and your PIN, by using an overhead camera. Card details are then put onto another card which is used to withdraw your money. Skimming equipment is expensive and offenders, who are often nearby, have been known to assault members of the public who attempt to remove the devices.
Card entrapment:
Also known as a ‘Lebanese loop’, this device will appear to swallow your card. Often the offender will play the part of the good Samaritan and suggest that if you enter your PIN and press certain buttons the card will be returned. The advice won’t work, but the offender sees your PIN. Once you have left, they will remove your card and use your PIN to withdraw money.
To carry out this type of crime the offenders work in small teams. They will distract you while you’re using the cash machine – maybe by dropping something or spilling a drink on you. Once distracted an accomplice will either steal your card, cash or skim your card. If you’ve just drawn out a large sum of money, place it in your bag and make sure it is closed and to the front of you before you leave the machine.
Reduce the risk:
• always make sure nobody can see you typing your PIN – cover your hand with your free hand.
• if someone attempts to distract you, secure your card and cash before dealing with them.
• if you think a machine has been tampered with do not try to remove the device. Make a note of the machine, do not use it and call us on 101.
• if a machine has taken your card, call your card issuer immediately.

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