APRIL 2024

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Spring is well underway and this always leads to a build up of trade. It’s grand to see people walking about and calling into the shop. Our shop is a bit off the beaten track and it has taken a number of years for people to find us but thankfully we do get a lot of return visits. 

Spring time reminds me of my younger days on the farm and all the new life with the sheep lambing and all the wild birds nesting. Me and my brothers used to spend hours looking for bird’s nests and watching the baby birds fledging. I once found a baby jackdaw which appeared to have been abandoned. I took it home and fed it well, it thrived and I kept it for about 2 months until it escaped my bedroom and flew away. I have since learned not to pick up young birds or animals because they have seldom been abandoned and the chick’s parents were probably close at hand, although there was a happy ending that time. 

Spring time is a good time for us to replenish our stock as people often have a clear out at this time of year and we are always looking for new stock. So, before you go to the tip or the charity shop, bring your old items for me to look at – we give really good prices for your unwanted collectables. We recently paid over £500 for a tea set which was solid silver, the lady thought it was just silver plate so she was pleasantly surprised! At this moment in time the most valuable items are gold jewellery. It doesn’t matter if it is broken or damaged, the price of gold is at a 20 year high. Broken chains, odd earrings, rings with stones missing can be worth hundreds of pounds for a small handful.

Currently I am very short of stock in old coins. I have lots of collectors wanting old coins, medals, postcards, banknotes, old pocket and wrist watches working or not, old dinky toys and train sets. The collector’s market is much stronger than furniture and larger items, gone are the days when everyone had a china cabinet full of knickknacks as the younger generation don’t want ornaments or clutter. Another very saleable item at this time of year is garden stuff. Old galvanised tubs and buckets, garden statues, anything that can be turned into a planter including old chimney pots. Definitely off the menu though is cut glass, brass and china unless of really good makers or very unusual. 

Please feel free to bring your items into the shop or call me out for a no obligation valuation. 

Please see advert below for contact details and opening times. 

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