Advanced Lung Cancer Patients Benefit
From New Scanning Equipment And Treatment At Harrogate And District NHS Foundation Trust


Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust’s (HDFT) Lung Cancer Service is now utilising new procedures and cancer staging equipment to improve patient care and reduce waiting times for treatment.

The Trust’s new staging equipment allows Endobronchial Ultrasound Scans (EBUS) to be performed by trained members of HDFT’s Lung Cancer Service at Harrogate District Hospital.

EBUS is used for diagnosing and staging lung cancer, as well as for evaluating other conditions affecting the airway and lungs, such as infections and chronic inflammatory diseases.

After identifying the lesion on the CT scan, clinical specialists can take a sample of tissue for further cancer testing. The scan and procedure takes under an hour to complete with the patient usually going home the same day.

Dr Khizer Khan, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at HDFT said “Previously patients would need to be referred to other NHS Trusts for the EBUS procedure, leading to patients waiting during the referral process and inconvenient trips for patients between hospitals.

“However, with the ability to perform EBUS scans at Harrogate District Hospital, patients can receive more timely assessment and then treatment based on their current cancer diagnosis.”

HDFT has worked collaboratively with York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to train more nursing staff to use the equipment, with HDFT’s first successful EBUS taking place in January.

Alongside new ways of assessing patients, the Lung and Cancer Service at HDFT are providing new treatment for those living with advanced cancer.

IPCs (indwelling pleural catheters) are specially designed drainage tubes which can now be fit for advanced lung cancer patients who develop reoccurring fluid between their lungs and chest cavity.

Once a patient who needs frequent drainage has had the procedure to fit the catheter, they no longer require visits to the hospital to drain the fluid and community nurses can carry out the draining at a patient’s home.

Dr Khizer Khan who has started the IPC service in HDFT said “I have already performed several procedures at Harrogate District Hospital which have been a great success for both the patients and our team.

“The indwelling pleural catheter serves as a bridge between pain and comfort, empowering patients to navigate their days with dignity and grace.”

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