Local stop smoking service can help cars and homes become smokefree


Following the recent media coverage regarding smoking in cars and the possible ban, the trust would like to publicise that there is local help for anyone wishing to quit.

Local stop smoking service can help cars and homes become smokefree

Leeds NHS Stop Smoking Service is offering help to smokers wishing to quit as the Government debates making it a criminal offence to smoke in cars in England.

The service, run by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, can help anyone wanting to quit including pregnant women and their families, people with mental health problems and young people. Smokers who receive help from the NHS are four more times likely to be successful in quitting the habit.

Millions of children in the UK are exposed to second-hand smoke that puts them at increased risk of lung disease, meningitis and cot death.

Second-hand smoke contains harmful cancer causing toxins and poisons that are dangerous for anyone exposed to it, especially for children who are more vulnerable. Over 80 per cent of second-hand smoke is invisible and odourless, so no matter how careful children may still breathe in harmful poisons.

It not only directly impacts the health of children but children of parents who smoke are 90 per cent more likely to become smokers themselves. By quitting people feel the health benefits, save money and more importantly protect their family from future health problems.

Stop smoking advisors in the service have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help those wanting to stop smoking and with daytime and evening sessions available in over 40 sites across Leeds people will be able to find a session that suits them.

The team can help provide access to stop smoking treatments on prescription, give support and advice on tackling the psychological and habit side of smoking and undertake carbon monoxide readings.

Rachel Northen, lead stop smoking advisor for Leeds NHS Stop Smoking Service, said:

“Smoking has received a lot of coverage in the news recently but no matter what your reason is for quitting our service is there to help and support you. Smoking remains a local and national issue and any awareness of the problems caused by second hand smoke can only be a good thing. As ever we encourage anyone who wants to quit to get in touch with the service to find out how we can help.”

To contact the Stop Smoking Service telephone 0800 169 4219 or text: SMOKEFREE to 60066. For more information and a list of clinics and times please visit www.leedscommunityhealthcare.nhs.uk/smoking.

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