Kind Donation Benefits Patients With Lymphoedema


Patients with Lymphoedema are now able to access treatment following assessment using a new Hivamat Deep Oscillation machine which is helping to ease their symptoms.

The machine was kindly donated to the Lymphoedema Team based at Wharfedale Hospital by the Leeds Lymphoedema Link (LLL), a local organisation which offers support to people with lymphoedema.


Lymphoedema is a build up of fluid (swelling) in the tissues caused when the body’s lymphatic system is not working properly or has become blocked or damaged. This can lead to discomfort in the affected limb. The Hivamat works by creating a low frequency electrostatic field between the therapist and the area of the body being treated in order to soften firm tissue and improve lymphatic drainage.

Jan Carr, Chair of the Leeds Lymphoedema Link, said: “We are grateful for all the team here have done for us, and, hopefully, donations such as this go a little way to showing our appreciation. The machine will make their work easier and treatments more successful.”

Jacqueline Banks, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Lymphoedema commented` with the new Hivamat we are now able to offer treatment at both of our clinical sites based at St James’s Hospital and Wharfedale Hospital. We hope that using the Hivamat will improve the patient experience and outcomes of treatment and we would like to thank the LLL for their kind donation.”


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