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Dog Lovers Wanted In Yorkshire!

Features, Wagging Tales
Do you love dogs and puppies? Hearing Dogs are looking for volunteers in the Beverley, Hull, Selby & Howden areas to help them train a hearing dog puppy. WHAT DO YOU GET? ● To provide a home for a gorgeous hearing dog puppy or adolescent dog for 6-18 months depending…

Big Garden Birdwatch 2022

Local News
The world’s largest garden wildlife survey returns, with hundreds of thousands of people watching and counting the UK’s garden birds over the last weekend in January for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.  Over a million people took part in 2021, counting 17 million birds – making it the biggest Birdwatch…

The Annual Michael Clegg Memorial Bird Race

Features, The World Of Birds
−−− BY LINDA JENKINSON −−− As the festive season ended, birdwatchers all over the country turned their attention to their new year list. It’s traditional for birders to venture out on New Year’s Day with the aim of seeing as many bird species as they can and quite a few…

Recipe Of The Month – Delicious Beef Stew

Food & Recipes
In the grip of winter and the January blues, nothing can beat comfort food! This beef stew is a delicious example. Ingredients  ● Olive oil ● 4 Garlic cloves ● 1 white onion chopped ● 4 carrots chopped ● 2 large potatoes chopped  ● 2 celery sticks chopped ● 680g…

Look After Your Heart: Curb Your Couch Potato

Fitness & Nutrition, Health
−−− BY THE HEALTH PROMOTION & EDUCATION TEAM  AT HEART RESEARCH UK −−− We all spend at least some of our time each day sitting down, whether it’s when we are working or watching the television, but research shows that too much sitting can be bad for our heart. We…