Cardo Systems’ PACKTALK EDGE ‘Official Communicator’ Of Honda Adventure Roads Project


Cardo Systems, pioneers of wireless communication devices for motorcyclists, is thrilled to announce a strategic and impactful three-year partnership with the renowned Honda Adventure Roads (HAR) Project to become its ‘official communicator’.

This collaboration builds on the already strong relationship between the two brands following the launch of the Honda PACKTALK EDGE device in 2022 and the use of the EDGE unit during the 2022 HAR journey to Iceland. 

The Honda Adventure Roads Project is an iconic initiative that invites riders to embark on unforgettable journeys across diverse terrains, pushing the boundaries of exploration and camaraderie. With a commitment to providing unparalleled communication solutions, Cardo Systems is set to enhance the overall experience for participants, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout their adventures. 

As part of this exclusive partnership, Cardo Systems has equipped Honda Adventure Roads guide riders with its state-of-the-art motorcycle communication systems to ensure clear and reliable communication. The Honda PACKTALK EDGE devices feature Cardo’s proven Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) connectivity – allowing riders to stay connected effortlessly in challenging and dynamic riding environments, Natural Voice Operation and 13-hour battery life. 

Nick Bennett, Head of the Honda Adventure Roads project, comments: “We’re thrilled to join forces with Cardo Systems and sign a three-year partnership. This collaboration perfectly aligns with our pursuit of adventure and exploration of new horizons using Honda product. Having personally used the Cardo devices, I know they’re the perfect fit for our adventure and will allow participants to stay connected, share their experience and forge lasting memories.” 

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