March 2024

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ANOTHER SKY’s second album Beach Day is out this month and if you were expecting more of the same as their brilliant debut: think again. Their recent single ‘The Pain’ is the latest in a wave of hard-hitting and exciting comeback singles released over the last few months. The first single from the album, ‘Psychopath’ was a far more punchy and direct rock song than anything the band had previously released, and was followed up with ‘A Feeling’ which received strong support across BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music. Continuing the ferocious sentiments and instrumentation of the previous two singles, they swiftly followed with ‘Burn The Way’ and last month released ‘Uh Oh!’ which saw the band wrestling with their newly found creative zest, holding frustration and hindsight with both hands, and having a lot of fun with it too. At this moment in time for Another Sky, there are maybe three certainties in this life: death, taxes, and rage. White-hot rage that takes you inwards, deeper into yourself, your fears, all the hidden truths you desperately tried to keep quiet while finding yourself.   With the band’s sophomore album Beach Day, that feeling opens a doorway to the most confident, fully formed and forthright version of Another Sky so far.  

■ Dea Matrona

Irish rock duo DEA MATRONA have announced the release of their highly-anticipated debut album ‘For Your Sins’, out 3rd May. The announcement comes hand-in-hand with the release of brand-new single “Stuck on You”, plus an extensive tour of the UK and Ireland. With a crashing bassline and heavy instrumental groove, “Stuck On You” carries the band’s ethos of bold, sensational rock with a modern twist. Catapulting and captivating, the song tells of being hopelessly drawn to someone’s charm. They told us the single: “Stuck on You” basically wrote itself after multiple insomniac nights. “After taking a break from touring, we both locked ourselves away for a while and I think this song sums up how crazy it drove us. It was initially written as an instrumental and it was the most challenging track on the record to produce. It will be very exciting to bring these songs on the road with us in May & see how people react in real life”. They also said about the album “It’s a record about trying to find ourselves & failing over & over again until we realised that part of the fun of being in Dea Matrona is that we’ll never really know who we are or what we want to say”. Dea Matrona are Mollie McGinn and Orlaith Forsythe, who grew up busking to their favourite rock ‘n’ roll anthems on the streets of Belfast. With their hard-hitting riffs and musical intensity, they have established a rare, sensational sound which you can experience at The Wardrobe in Leeds on 4th May 

■ The Snuts

With their highly-anticipated new album Millennials coming later this month, Scottish 4-piece THE SNUTS have announced a 2024 UK winter tour, including a date at Leeds Academy 3rd December.   From start to finish, top to bottom, Millennials has been made entirely to The Snuts’ script. The result: a tight, taut, fat-free masterclass in songwriting and production, with 10 tracks clocking in just shy of half-an-hour. Also look out for ‘Millionaires’, an epic anthem with stadium scale, as well as ‘Circles’, the last track on the album and a fittingly epic closer to everything the band wanted to achieve with Millennials. Frontman Jack Cochrane took the studio lead in collaboration with the band’s live MD Scott Anderson. Tracks were written on the run as The Snuts toured the world in support of their previous Top 3 album Burn The Empire, recorded on the fly in tour buses, dressing rooms, hotel rooms and a 300-quid-a-week studio in the Scottish Highlands. The Snuts have a chart-topping and top 3 albums under their belts, songs that attack subjects affecting the youth of today, and an arsenal of adoring fans up and down the country. As these four lads from Whitburn, West Lothian vowed four years ago, The Snuts wanted to be risky. And with Millennials, the millennial men of The Snuts have followed through on that promise. On their third album they’ve followed up, changed up and – fully, wholeheartedly, joyfully – revved up.

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