Millie, a Smooth Fox Terrier

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This month’s star is Millie, a Smooth Fox Terrier.

(Not to be confused with the Wire Fox Terrier, which is a different breed).

The Fox Terrier profile

COAT: The “ Smooth “ ( as they are known,) is a clean little dog and easy to groom with a stiffish brush or grooming mitt to remove any dead or loose hair. If the coat becomes wet or muddy, it dries quickly and any dirt is then easily removed.

HEIGHT: Both dogs and bitches……..39cm, 15.5 inches

WEIGHT: Dogs ……7.3 to 8.2kgs . Bitches…..6.8 to 7.7 kgs

LIFESPAN: Approximately 13 to 15 yrs, even up to 19yrs

TEMPERAMENT: The Smooth is an affectionate dog with a big personality. They get along
well with children and make good pets and companions. However, they must be socialised early, especially with cats. Smooths can be troublesome with other dogs if not corrected in initial training as they like to be dominant. Living with cats at home is not a problem but they do tend to chase them when elsewhere. A typical terrier, Smooths like to dig. In fact, chasing games and digging are two of their favourite pastimes. Smooths are not easy to obedience train, although they are very intelligent, and can have the typical terrier stubborn streak. Full of energy, they love long walks.

CLASS: Terrier group

HEALTH: This breed is known for it’s hardy constitution and there has never been the need for breed testing for clinical or hereditary defects. Although they can handle hot sunny weather, they actually thrive better in cool climates.

HISTORY: The Smooth Fox Terrier has been a distinct breed in England since at ‘least’ the 18th century. and entered the show ring in the mid 19th century. it was a ‘fox bolting dog ‘ , accompanying a pack of foxhounds. They would ‘bolt’ after foxes, driving them out of their hiding places.

Viewpoint by Millie’s owner,Kev.

Millie arrived at her new home aged 9 weeks old. As a puppy she was very lively, full of energy and inquisitive; she likes to know what is going on.

Millie has a great sense of smell, she can sniff out a crumb from a distance and chocolate needs to kept out of her reach.

At 6 years old Millie remains active and alert, always keen to spot something to chase, especially squirrels. She loves being around people, though is less friendly around other dogs. As a terrier, she has a stubborn side to her temperament; she likes to do her own thing.

Millie does not like loud noises and is very anxious around bonfire night. She does not bark much, unless there is a stranger at the door.

Millie loves ball games and is a very good catch. She leaps in the air when she sees someone familiar or the neighbour’s dog running for the ball outside. She also loves to chase water from the hosepipe, catching the spray in her mouth. Millie enjoys tug-of-war games with her toys, but does eventually pull the stuffing out of the fabric ones.

Millie does not suffer from any ailments and her coat is easy to keep clean.

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