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“Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” So said Elizabeth Taylor who understood the joy of a big shiny rock better than anyone else.

At Christopher Brown Jewellers we specialise in our gemstone collection and we retail a range of stunning diamond jewellery at amazing prices. 

Natural diamonds are a unique gemstone that hold a mystique and brilliance all of their own, millions of years old and each with a fire and brilliance that will quite literally light up the room.. 

Until recent sanctions, Russia was the world’s biggest diamond exporter by volume, followed by the African countries. A state-owned company called Alrosa dominates Russian diamond mining – and it mined almost a third of the world’s diamonds in 2021. About 36 million years ago, an asteroid slammed into northern Siberia and created one of the largest craters on Earth. Smashing into the earth at an estimated speed of 20 kilometres per second, the asteroid made an impact that ejected millions of tons of material into the air and in the process created seams of priceless diamonds that have been mined ever since. 

However from March 1, 2024, the ‘Diamonds Determination’ ruling prevents the importation of Russian mined diamonds with a weight of 1.0 carat or greater, and 0.50 carats if the diamonds have been substantially transformed into other products such as jewellery. The impact on the previous sanctions imposed after the Ukraine war began were not being felt as exports of rough stones were being polished and re-purposed in other countries, meaning that there was effectively a loop hole that was very hard to police. Perhaps the introduction of these tighter restrictions will work and already we have seen the market beginning to strengthen where large natural diamonds are concerned. This is the opposite of what’s happening to the man-made laboratory grown large diamonds which have literally dropped by nearly 40% in the last year alone to about 10% of the value of a natural mined diamond.

At Christopher Brown Jewellers, we buy the finest loose stones directly from our trusted wholesale partners, cutting out the middlemen and enabling us to offer incredible prices on quality diamond jewellery that would otherwise cost the customer so much more. Our reputation as a supplier of fine stones has increased each year and we often find customers travelling from all parts of the country to visit our 9 stores across the north including York, Seacroft, Pontefract, Shipley, Stockport, Prescot and latest store in Goole, knowing that our prices are very fair and the quality and service are excellent.

For those who like their shiny pre-owned bargains, we are the place to shop! We have a huge selection of natural diamond and gem-set jewellery at bargain second hand prices. 

We also have a window dedicated to a HALF PRICE MANAGER’S SPECIAL range. We have an incredible range of unique and beautiful gem set jewellery ranging from £200-£20,000 that is literally 50% OFF! Call into your nearest store for expert advice to help you to find that perfect piece. 

Visit to find out more or call into your nearest branch for a unique viewing.

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Latest News – New Goole Store Gets A Make-Over

A recent addition to our family business last year was our new store in Goole. Formally Arthur Read Jewellers it was established in 1948 and been owned and managed by 3 generations of the Read family building up a fine reputation for some of the finest gem set and gold jewellery in the area. 

With the help of a UK Government Levelling Up grant the store has now undergone a complete refit to become our 7th Christopher Brown Jewellers store and 9th store for the business.

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